Friday, May 31, 2013

New Beginnings!

Well blog friends a lot has happened since I last posted, I can't believe the last post was almost 4 months ago! Time is flying by! Lets start off with the big news.....WE MOVED TO GILBERT, ARIZONA!!!  Tyler finally graduated with his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Congrats Tyler! Then he got a job in Gilbert and we packed up and moved a few wks. ago. We are loving it here but are missing our friends and family in TX.

Congrats to my wonderful husband on graduating!

What have we been up to in Arizona?

Colton and I at our community pool!

Colton just loves his exersaucer,
and he looks just like Ashlyn when she was this age!

Gilbert cousins, about to watercolor!
Colton 4 months old, loving his bouncer!

Ashlyn 4 yrs. old at our community pool.

I love my underwater camera!

I love my boy!

Loving the nice weather in Gilbert!

Ashlyn and I at the Peach Festival. Ashlyn picking her first peach!

Tyler's first pro-bbq ribs!

Colton at the Peach Festival, he loves his harness!

Peach Festival, the peach was obviously pretty tart haha!

Peach Festival

Picking peaches 

Colton's Baby Blessing April 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well, Colton Tyler Bradshaw finally arrived!!!! A bouncing 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 21 in. long at 6:35 p.m. on January 28th.  After expecting him to come early at about 38 weeks, because I was caring him so low, I was extremely anxious to get him out of me as you can imagine at 41.5 weeks. I tried everything I could think of to get Colton out such as: getting my membranes stripped twice, eating spicy food, long walks, bike rides, jumping on the trampoline (don't worry my feet barely left the ground), eating pineapple, squats, climbing stairs, drinking a Dr. Pepper, etc. nothing worked! He just was not ready to come out I guess. So finally once I was 2 days away from being 42 weeks my midwife recommended me drinking about 2 oz. of castor oil and then getting my membranes stripped (which would have been the 3rd time by that point). So I did! And about 30 minutes later I went straight into active labor. 

I was quite confused though because I had had these contractions weeks prior and they would come and then go so I just kept waiting for them to pass and they didnt. So then I had convinced myself that it was the disgusting castor oil that had made my stomach upset haha. Then Ashlyn woke up from her nap and then we had this conversation:
 "Mom I'm awake from my nap, lets go jump on the trampoline!" 
"Ashlyn I am not feeling very well right now, go ahead I will be out in a sec."
"No mom you promised you would jump with me after my nap, come on!"
"Ashlyn, I said if I was feeling well I would, but I am not feeling well"
"Ugh fine, I'll meet you out there!"

I could hear her yelling through the window "mom come watch me!" over and over again while I laid on the bathroom floor assuming I was either going to throw up or poop myself, I was literally cursing the castor oil. Then Tyler called:
"Hey babe, how are you?"
"you ok?"
"Oh my gosh, this is it isn't it? I'm coming home!"
"No you don't need to come home, its probably just gas"
"I'm coming home, call the midwife!" 


I could still hear Ashlyn screaming for me to come outside so I crawled to the backdoor and opened it and crawled to the outside chair and knelt by it, while my dogs licked my face I watched Ashlyn jump on the trampoline. I tried to time the "so called gas pains I was having (obviously they were contractions haha) and they were too close, I couldn't figure out where one began and the next one ended. I mean whatever happened to the contractions being 5-6 min. apart? I slowly crawled back inside to the bathroom and just huddled in the corner moaning haha. I am such a loser. It was just so surreal, I truly believed that Colton would never come out on his own by this point that they would have to induce me to get him out. So I could not believe that I was going in to labor, especially straight into active labor.

Anyways long story short, Tyler came home, called the midwife for me since I hadn't yet, packed the car and forced me to get in. By the time we got to the birthing center I was already dialated to a 10 and about 45 minutes later Colton had arrived. 

Now let me tell you people, I have a whole new respect for mothers who go natural now. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced, but absolutely the best reward. I did have a water birth, and it was such a magical and spiritual experience. Right when I thought I was going to either die/pass out/throw up the midwife said, "Now reach down and hold your baby". I looked down and there floating to the surface of the water was the most handsome angel I had ever seen. Totally worth it. I love you Colton.

However, after 2 hours of having inconsistent breathing patterns Colton was rushed to the emergency room. He ended up stabilizing once we got there, but because I had Group B strep and was not able to get the antibiotics in time before I had him (the antibiotics have to be administered 2 hours prior to delivery, and considering my whole labor experience was about 1.5 hours long they didn't have time to give them to me) they decided to run some tests to make sure his breathing was not related to the Group B strep. We had to stay in the hospital and have Colton monitored and had tests done on him for 72 hours. I was extremely frustrated, mad, sad, etc. this was not what I pictured happening. I mean the whole point of going naturally at a birthing center was to keep him from going to the hospital and getting poked and prodded. Luckily everything turned out ok and it was just a little bump in the road for baby Colton. We are home now and are doing great! Ashlyn absolutely loves him. Always wants to help change his clothes and diapers. 

I have been so blessed with such a strong supportive husband, a goofy healthy and strong daughter, and a handsome healthy sweet boy. I am probably one of the happiest women in the world right now, I am literally on cloud 9!  

Lover's Lane Birthing Center just minutes after Colton came into the world.

Bonding time!

So adorable!

First time Ashlyn sees Colton and I after labor/delivery!

Such a special moment!

At hospital, masks only!

Just seconds after birth, he is still attached to umbilical cord.

Big Sister, little brother shirts!

Loving Grandma and Grandpa White

All smiles for Grandma Bradshaw

Isn't my family beautiful! I'm so blessed!

I just love him!

Colton's favorite pacifier

Uncle Rob and Aunt Yayoi come to visit.

Big yawn, so cute!

Thanks for taking such good care of me G.B.

Love my family!

Such a good big sister!

His favorite, the bouncer!

My heart melts every time I look at him!

Colton's first Valentine's Day, thanks Aunt Becky!

My sleeping angel!

Snuggling with Aunt Jewel!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Ashlyn recently got to go to her friend's from school birthday party. It was so fun, even for me, they had pony rides and a petting zoo area! We were both in heaven. 


For Thanksgiving we went to Austin to visit my sister. It was fun to have everyone who lives in Texas under one roof for Thanksgiving. Thanks Christina and Szucceed for having us! Ashlyn also got a cute little turtle that Tyler found on the golf coarse. She love little Philly!

I am now officially 33 weeks pregnant and feel huge! Besides the usual back pain I doing well. I have been trying desperately to finish Ashlyn's 1st year scrapbook, organize, clean, and move Ashlyn's bedroom into the toy room so #2 can have a room to sleep in.  Tyler and I finally got the crib and bassinet set up, yeah, I feel like I am finally making progress!