Friday, May 31, 2013

New Beginnings!

Well blog friends a lot has happened since I last posted, I can't believe the last post was almost 4 months ago! Time is flying by! Lets start off with the big news.....WE MOVED TO GILBERT, ARIZONA!!!  Tyler finally graduated with his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Congrats Tyler! Then he got a job in Gilbert and we packed up and moved a few wks. ago. We are loving it here but are missing our friends and family in TX.

Congrats to my wonderful husband on graduating!

What have we been up to in Arizona?

Colton and I at our community pool!

Colton just loves his exersaucer,
and he looks just like Ashlyn when she was this age!

Gilbert cousins, about to watercolor!
Colton 4 months old, loving his bouncer!

Ashlyn 4 yrs. old at our community pool.

I love my underwater camera!

I love my boy!

Loving the nice weather in Gilbert!

Ashlyn and I at the Peach Festival. Ashlyn picking her first peach!

Tyler's first pro-bbq ribs!

Colton at the Peach Festival, he loves his harness!

Peach Festival, the peach was obviously pretty tart haha!

Peach Festival

Picking peaches 

Colton's Baby Blessing April 21, 2013


Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't know you moved to Gilbert! We are from Mesa and intend on going back when Robert graduates next April (but who knows, right?) Hope you are enjoying the heat! :)

Jewelcat said...

I love all the pics! Miss and love y'all tons!!! Looks like y'all are having so much fun!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I miss you guys like crazy!!!! I hate this but Im so glad you guys are having so much fun.

Meg said...

I'm enjoying getting all caught up on your blog - you guys have been busy! Glad to hear you're doing well - you have a beautiful family!